ergo sum

︎︎︎ Ashley Yount

︎ September 6, 2022

cogito, cogito
the homunculus bangs on the inside of my skull
he’s pulling on the cords connecting my eyes
he’s drumming with the blood within my ears,
hammering life into my thoughts, or thoughts into my life.
No older than I am, he is ancient
He reads from a corpus callosum, made his life’s work studying me,
and everything that’s ever happened to me, and everything that ever will.
my homunculus, diligent one, he never rests,
he consults the medulla oblongata, he pauses, he fears.
you wouldn’t suppose he’s protecting a very small child,
a young girl born an adult, inside and alone with us this whole time.

Ashley Yount
is an academic, dreamer, poet, and idiot. She holds a BS in Cognitive Science from UC Davis, and is currently pursuing an MA in Linguistics at the University of Hawai'i. She's not sure if the mysteries of the mind can be comprehended with logical thinking, so to cope with this conundrum, she writes.

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