tupelo in december

︎︎︎ Ashley Yount

︎ JUNE 7, 2022

quipless quotations of dark hearts and their sick bodies circling the edge,
drunkenness to escape that insufferable something which is yourself.
doses, potions, spirits—separate the selves— shells and their severed souls.
these simple precautions prevent one most usual calamity,
it’s bearing your life to another alive.
a bar is a menagerie of lost children shouldering, see
empty adult buckets, wearing tinfoil hats.
here’s my troubled neighbor, she’s effervescent and asking for favors—
“can i borrow some scissors? this shadow is following me around.”

Ashley Yount
is an academic, dreamer, poet, and idiot. She holds a BS in Cognitive Science from UC Davis, and is currently pursuing an MA in Linguistics at the University of Hawai'i. She's not sure if the mysteries of the mind can be comprehended with logical thinking, so to cope with this conundrum, she writes.

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