been, a river

 ︎︎︎ Natalie Mariko
︎ MAR 3, 2022

not too long                 tho,                westerly sailing
full                                                              coin
                           txt read aloud:
drowning she moved moved moved
                            in situ:
                                         westerly     until rounded
not too long a sun                 rise
tropes’ languages’ poetrys’
                            that says:
                                          post here for more
followers                     promise
of                                            drinkee

Natalie Mariko
is a poet from New Jersey. Her works have appeared in TINGE Magazine, Cixous 72, trains zine, feelings journal, bridge poetry, Lazy Susan/blue arrangements, and have been featured on various programs on Cashmere Radio and rebootFM. She is currently based in Athens, Greece.

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