︎︎︎ Ashley Yount

︎ APR 20, 2022

I, a collection of storms we tell ourselves are safety
as we cling to known uselessness, at home in the dark
making love to the past because the future alternative unknown is the future.
I, addicted to being category,
assuming a lifetime of absorbed assumptions.
I’ll give an example, it’s
that time ma told you “you don’t want to go out with them—
you’re shy, remember?”
so, “I am shy.”
on it goes, until you don’t bother with possibilities
or consider to consider present dreams
“I can’t, I’m shy, remember?”

Ashley Yount
is an academic, dreamer, poet, and idiot. She holds a BS in Cognitive Science from UC Davis, and is currently pursuing an MA in Linguistics at the University of Hawai'i. She's not sure if the mysteries of the mind can be comprehended with logical thinking, so to cope with this conundrum, she writes.