on america

︎︎︎ Natalie Mariko

︎ MAY 26, 2022

the sky laid a hand on sheets
& cut like widening scissors,
cajoling the hem

the clouds protected
from fraying
but the heat said

& breakthru green
       reached up
the neck of the sky;

so the blind
sheets swelled
       & locusts
       & night                 came
& everything      blind-

until clouds were just
sheets in the sky
& what

         was naked
         was red.

& the locust-dead swelled.
                                           & rot
                           & vim
        like comments
the wind around it.

& the blocked
             sky stunk
w/ green

& above shone white white stars.

Natalie Mariko
is a poet from New Jersey. Her works have appeared in TINGE Magazine, Cixous 72, trains zine, feelings journal, bridge poetry, Lazy Susan/blue arrangements, and have been featured on various programs on Cashmere Radio and rebootFM. She is currently based in Athens, Greece.

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