︎︎︎ Natalie Mariko
︎ FEB 16, 2022

                                “Bella mihi, video, bella parantur,”

O! hear that train coming in o! it sounds
shit, like a pail
in the rain! ≠ He is dripping, fin postured;
swank liniment, green /
aloe-leaf something-special he sweats of—
To walking sluices
To receive the Hand of Heaven To have
come again To Judge
His a part ment ≠ To wander where thy lead,
truncheoned by the bye,
not Just holding red cup up to lamplight
but catching & soft
spile of cotton indigo against
a vermilion swell;
the broke chest flails its rattle in colic—
she’s every blue berry.
≠ What could be sunk by a creel is bubbles
any way, no thing;
train leaves no trace of its going but airs
& a scheduled stop.

Natalie Mariko
is a poet from New Jersey. Her works have appeared in TINGE Magazine, Cixous 72, trains zine, feelings journal, bridge poetry, Lazy Susan/blue arrangements, and have been featured on various programs on Cashmere Radio and rebootFM. She is currently based in Athens, Greece.

Natalie will have four poems in Issue 2.