“Is not my God your God?”

︎︎︎ Riley Quinn Scott

︎ July 9, 2024

And she would widen her eyes and look at the beauty around her and say “wow wow.” Her eyes would water a little, the beginning of crying, and people would assume she felt a lot and understood the preciousness of life. In reality she was crying because this beauty did not mean anything personally to her. She thought it should. Her failure to feel made her feel enough to cry.

Riley Quinn Scott is a writer from Los Angeles. 

New La Princesa Inc.

︎︎︎ Kate Ehrenberg

︎ July 3, 2024

watching the pregnant woman
in the pool locker room
pat her gingham belly dry
chlorine queen
don’t you wanna be
a fat titted sow
keeping your baby’s face
spamming the feed
with the same picture
of Jonathan Taylor Thomas
over and over
like throwing shit
into the restaurant koi pond

Kate Ehrenberg's poems have appeared in The Second Bullshit Anthology, BRUISER, No, Dear, and Hobart. She lives in Queens, New York.


︎︎︎ Toad

︎ June 27, 2024

Moon is swishing
Hearts are wishing
Moms are worried
The world is rounding
Hair is falling
Clouds are sewing
Rolling animals
Scary pineapple lizards
The clouds are furry
They’re turning green
The storm is really
The clouds are falling out of the sky
The pictures are flying out of the sky
And all all sad
The hearts are beautiful
You can jump on one
You just climb on and ride
Giddyup, Giddyup!

“My name is Toad. I am three. And I love books.” Toad is lamb.onl’s daughter.


︎︎︎ Ivan Genc

︎ June 20, 2024

When the ground rumbled and opened its many mouths
I pressed my lips against the cool dirt and hummed
For countless days my breath kissed winds from below
Years have come by and I am as porous as the earth
When the rain arrived and tragic ruins surfaced above
I touched frail pieces of everything I have ever known
Where I held what remains others will build a home
There was no shame or bitter sorrow, it’s just bones

Ivan Genc is a literary debutante from Petrinja, Croatia. Just a guy, for the most part.


︎︎︎ David San Miguel

︎ June 11, 2024

Are you still there?

I’ll be good this time. 

David San Miguel (@dogvilled) is a writer in Los Angeles.

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