︎︎︎ Clementine Morse

︎Nov 27, 2023

the comments on youtube videos
of old rock albums
bring the science out of people
the things that run with light feet
are all there
in heavy backlit divinity

Clementine Morse is a poet and preschool teacher from Brooklyn, New York. She currently lives in Los Angeles. @clementinemorse 

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My Resume

︎︎︎ Mike Andrelczyk

︎Nov 20, 2023
        Lifeguard (2012-15)
        Executioner (2015-present)

Mike Andrelczyk is the author of four collections of poetry including “!!!” (Ghost City Press, 2023). He lives in Pennsylvania.

Also by Mike: White Rabbits Doused in Crystal Hot Sauce


︎︎︎︎︎ Silvia Bachetti
︎Nov 19, 2023

You slip like a needle
through old trousers
holes and I
hunt for your thin luster
in the dust of crevices

Silvia Bachetti moved to Berlin more than a decade ago and still lives there, wondering whether it is home or not. She works as a landscape architect and writes poems where many of those landscapes take a different shape.

100% dark chocolate or poison

︎︎︎ Clár Tillekens

︎Nov 18, 2023

A rumor went around that I tried to poison someone once.

I offered them a piece of 100% dark chocolate and they had a conniption when they ate it.

Foolish of me, really, as I know building up a tolerance is necessary.

70% this week, 85% next, 90% the following, and so on.

Diligent training of the palate.

If you don’t believe me, check the directions on the wrapping of Lindt’s EXCELLENCE bars.

Clár Tillekens is a visual artist and writer. Her domains include heritage, place attachment, mysticism, and UX. She’s from New York and rural Ireland, and based in London. You can find her work in a few places, including the British Journal of Photography, Ain’t Bad, The Drunken Canal, and Hot Potato.

Also by Clár: Diet ode to my ancestors

slow peel

︎︎︎︎︎ Rocco Rinaldi-Rose
︎Nov 16, 2023

i flay myself gently
as requested
with the sun
across my knuckles

Rocco Rinaldi-Rose is a poet, photographer, and psychologist born and raised in New York City, where she still lives. She thinks too much about trees and is fascinated by dinosaurs.

Also by Rocco: the scene promises to reproduce itself