begin again

︎︎︎ Chaeli Kennedy

︎ Feb 20, 2024

walk largest here
circle leisure most alive
wear necklaces of hot gather
stretching bold as
rain undresses winter

survive and study
colors cold (emerging)—
pay friend a morning,
directions help
but faster days trust
freedom stepping. take
silence always moving

(surfing) keep
half-moon resolutions
still; answer only

to a worthwhile order
of faces (keep records:
mind visions) season
folding on silver text

tracing its image
in the hour that it sinks
to the center of
the smallest world

weight a marble
glass provision
iridescent toy

Chaeli Kennedy is a writer living in New York City. She is always searching for new ways to be in love—not with any one person or thing, just in general.


︎︎︎ Nicola Maye Goldberg

︎ Feb 16, 2024

I wanted to die in
your hotel room
instead licked
blood off your
teeth. I remember
all of it — subtle,
but permanent.

Nicola Maye Goldberg is the author of Other Women and Nothing Can Hurt You. She lives in New York City.

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We have become estranged

︎︎︎ Charlie Stuip

︎ Feb 13, 2024

Star friend earth
enemy busting
through the house

I draw love
knelt on the coffee table
like lucifer
his noble, antihero pussy

I fail love
by drawing him
into godliness

when he was just
little wall puncher

Charlie Stuip has poems and films on NoBudge, FEM Magazine, and No More Prostitutes.

Breaking Fast with Grapefruit

︎︎︎ Sam Robinson

︎ Feb 8, 2024

A seed buried under
another seed obstructing an advancing
spoon— I’m hungry— don’t ask
how I cope—
Life is simple
Simply that which we cope with
and cope with—
Do you hear with subtle sense

Sam Robinson is a writer based in Massachusetts. His work has appeared previously in Blue Arrangements and No More Prostitutes

losing my edge

︎︎︎ Julia Silverberg

︎ Feb 6, 2024

tawny hair matted against hollow cheeks
and a naked sky. the glass touched her
forehead like a cold palm, suburbia
engulfing her as it slid past her temples.
on the train’s turquoise leather seats
the strap of her bag held tight
to the crook of her arm.

she closed her eyes.

sleep was never fully allowed to take hold.

Julia Silverberg is a London-based creative in the field of fashion communications. Magnifying the way in which youth culture evokes nostalgia, her work often reflects on the style scenes of the past. Having lived in New York, Paris, and Berlin, her work is informed by the punky cityscapes of her imagination and how the characters within her own life interact with them.

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