In my past, I have seen a Roomba vacuum ...

︎︎︎︎︎ Will Mountain Cox
︎Oct 23, 2023

In my past,
I have seen a Roomba vacuum
eat up a steaming dog turd
and spread it evenly around a room,
the machine in full assurance
of fulfilling its divine purpose.
That was a hot day
and the cleaned room smelt like a wish.
More recently,
I have met my soulmate.
She exists.
She moves around automatically.
To feel good, she must vacuum
far too often.
The need to clean pains her.
Last night was a hot day too,
a cold and perfect evening.
We went on a date
to the best restaurant.
I suggested I buy her a Roomba
to relieve her mental load,
to ease her anxious burden.
The idea brought her real joy. Really,
what more could I possibly need
to feel I have truly lived.  

Will Mountain Cox is the author of Roundabout (Relegation Books). His writing has appeared in Forever Magazine, Hobart, Vol. 1 Brooklyn, and The Drunken Canal. His is from Portland, Oregon and lives in Paris, France.

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