No Expression

 ︎︎︎ Nikolay Shargorodsky

︎ APR 12, 2022

A storm blossoms,
the thoroughfare recedes into a fog.
is the essence of my being.

I wear a woolly face,
watch the road lines bend and change.
My destination is dark, dark, dark.

An animal corners me
and bows,
a sign of aggression receding.
Breathe easy and the animal bows receding into the fog.
Each receding is the essence of my being.

October, the murmur of a season,
watch me crying and bleating.
Haze is a cupid to whom I submit;
he sculpts, out of envy and rope, a reason —
ties the knot, makes ends uneven.
This is the season of my being.

Shargorodsky lived August 17th, 1992 - January 21st, 2022. Nikolay’s poetry appeared in the McGill Daily and his play ‘The Telegram’ was performed by the Douglas Theatre Company at McGill University. He worked as a research technician in Brooklyn, New York.

Four of Nikolay’s poems will appear in Issue 2. This particular poem was going to be exclusive to print, but now it lives online too, in his memory.

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