Expression Goes On

 ︎︎︎ Nikolay Shargorodsky
︎ FEB 3, 2022

Hugs to the face of humiliation
give circulation to sinus juice,
which colors expression.

Starch in the ink pot,
like blood from a wound,
thickens the language
and opens the mind
to the joys and the dangers of obscure penetrations.

The tone of your body
is constantly changing
from smoothness to roughness,
ecstatically aging in sync with external.
The needless chaotic, and the neutral like tonic.
The static, like seizures
endlessly networking,
breathing out, sucking in
water for lubing
the spinal mucosa transmitting the signal
that ends when you think
that you are not until
the tone shifts a gear of human expression.

Nikolay Shargorodsky
is a Research Technician living in Brooklyn, NY. His poetry has appeared in the McGill Daily and his play The Telegram was performed by the Douglas Theatre Company at McGill University.

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