The Unnamable 

︎︎︎ Nikolay Shargorodsky
︎ DEC 13, 2021

Tonus, bolus, strain and bloating,
pressure builds and diaphragm struggles.
Bag of crisps and Mountain Dew,
sushi, cold cuts, hearty stew.
Chunks of fish, raw onions too,
lavender, persimmon, aspic and mushroom.
Dandelion, table cloth,
fairy guests and rocking chairs,
spinning stories, rotgut stares.

A journey out to Mecca
would cool the fire of the soul,
the hands and heads and many horses
that are broken in, may Heaven scold us,
and the natural life as well,
not I, not I,
is burning – in amazing hell.

Nikolay Shargorodsky
is a Research Technician living in Brooklyn, NY. His poetry has appeared in the McGill Daily and his play The Telegram was performed by the Douglas Theatre Company at McGill University.

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