Hard As You Try / Still Flaccid

︎︎︎ Michael Todd

︎ September 7, 2022

I saw you shine, under the sun
still above the horizon,
and I can tell you who
the bright one is once I’m done



sitting like a fool complacent
in an inflatable child-sized pool
with legs crossed patiently in the basement
dangling a string of spit (spiderwebbed)

I saw your spine
and spanned like the
horizon / and
I can tell you who the spry one is

once I’m done wringing rags
wet with sweat from
thinking too hard
on/off of mostly empty bags

the light switch judges me
and the ceiling titty above me
my corner store fella
only knows I’m up early

will I ring you?
or leave it still to be with
concerned about those bewitched by



we said we wouldn’t do this
but a bluebird rang me and
no puncture to be noticed
no flagging down a bus I missed
all I’ve got is pictures
and even those have a filter

Michael Todd
is an East Bay native, Oakland resident. He’s havin a nice time talkin shit.

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