we’re risking it all:

︎︎︎︎︎ Vanessa Kowalski
︎ Aug 25, 2023

playing with fire again
good luck gambling
talking in tidal waves
late nite leg tangle
upside down rooftop
is just the ground floor
for my effortlessly tossed french fried guts
and half split tiger fig fingerprint
on a hurt hand
propping a wet body up
against an orange glow and then
all at once,
all it takes
is a tiny snowflake
to shatter the illusion
the susurrus of seasons
reminding me
that they come and they go
and so i will too
that to be loved
is to feel the sun
on both sides

Vanessa Kowalski is a Polish-American independent curator, writer, editor, and artist.  

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