︎︎︎ Luis Neer

︎ Feb 14... 2023

im desperate to be loved
im desperate for someone to love
i came up for air
and knew id made no progress
i woke from the dream
and staggered thru the city
trying to make something happen
but with no potential energy
no practical knowledge
i woke from the dream but only halfway
the sages were burning my laurels
the courthouse was crossing out my name
the devil was laughing
the door was closing
the sages were going underground
and the only light i saw was indifference

Luis Neer (b. 1998 in Weirton, West Virginia) is a writer in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He graduated from West Virginia University with a B.A. in English in 2020 and attended the University of New Mexico’s M.F.A. in Creative Writing until 2021. Neer can be found on Instagram @luisneer and Twitter @luis_neer.

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