︎︎︎ Luis Neer

︎ Jan 24, 2023

im baptized by morning my face is altered
on the sidewalk with no purpose no mental image
reduced by cold to blind cloth blind bone
reduced by cold to blind featureless unknown
how ecstasy is blindness of hyperextension
how religion is a substitute for patience in heartache
im baptized by knowledge of absence of surface
how earth changes density dreaming faces in stone
how the dirt rises as text into the screen of the sky
i will bury my life in the faintest suggestion
baptized in panic of unintelligible murmur
the intelligible charges again the surface the wind
exposes and freezes the skin of my hand
nothing except in symbols exists conducting sound
but a symbol has no meaning for a symbol
its head dissolves as smoke into other bookstores
its coat is a gesture coveting absent eyes
its voice eyes landscape vanish through black wall
it is baptized by a meaning posthumous & minor
& the landscape doubly animated of a shroud

Luis Neer (b. 1998 in Weirton, West Virginia) is a writer in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He graduated from West Virginia University with a B.A. in English in 2020 and attended the University of New Mexico’s M.F.A. in Creative Writing until 2021. Neer can be found on Instagram @luisneer and Twitter @luis_neer.

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