back to my wax tablet

︎︎︎ Marshall Woodward

︎ Feb 18, 2023

rewiring john’s visions
considering narrative
consistency, end times —
theories and mirror selfies
how the corn grows back
the vines climb up and down
and revelations in patmos
are visions from houston
i see the burning cross
but i do not believe christ
died for my sins — i will
die for my own fuck ups —
infinite scroll, transfats,
not calling my mother.
i return to the apocalypse
when divine inspiration eludes me
and i must count on my body
to tell me what to do
oh i love being told what to do
the simple pleasure of visions
the barefoot contessa — more butter
less porn call your mom, dad too —
the going is going is a little uninspired
voice, first in pencil then in vellum
finally carves its name in stone
a column holding its own weight
a dozen columns forming one wall
of a cloister, each gargoyle talking
to itself a harmony of voices
divine together, terrifying
the children at the met

Marshall Woodward is a writer and researcher in Houston, Texas. His work has appeared in Fence, Gossamer, b l u s h, Pom Pom Press, and Wrongdoing Mag.

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