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︎︎︎ Marshall Woodward

︎ Dec 13, 2022

we’re talking about john
the evangelist
vacationing in patmos
scribbling away
at the end times
labneh from the turks
wine from the greeks
i post my vision
six photos from the cloisters’ gardens
dogs at the feet of dead catalan kings
medieval herbs
poison poppies
deployed in war
and witchcraft
i turn one apocalypse into many
for it is many times we must fall
and a bee flies
out of the garden sorrell
into my ear
it tickles it does not sting
we share a love
for my waxy tragus
we are both home and away
popping our heads
into the heart of empire
the heart that beats long after
the head has been severed
and i wonder
if the guillotine
has already fallen
if as the bee
i have only one sting
before my body
writhes away
like john and his dedication
to the blue zone diet
trying to live forever
something to do
while we’re here
i’m still staring
at my phone
wondering why john
was shitposting
in patmos

Marshall Woodward is a writer and researcher in Houston, Texas. His work has appeared in Fence, Gossamer, b l u s h, Pom Pom Press, and Wrongdoing Mag.

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