Women Collapse Into Better Brighter Artists

︎︎︎︎︎ Iva Moore
︎Oct 22, 2023

Ever since I quit the pill, I’ve gotten prettier, meaner, and happy. Legally, I have changed my first name to Cecilia.

Cecilia Vicuña was born in nineteen forty-eight, like my father. And like my father, I wanted to accomplish myself. Process corrodes the point.

“I suppose the point is very vanilla…”

How does the action of wrapping a regular rope around a regular pencil contain the family, fulfillment, and the function of lust? What rests there in the slippage between the word “rope” and the word “ripe.”

In a pure but rigorous display of aggression, I inserted a complicated memory.

Is it fatal? As fatal as the world.

Iva Moore is a writer from Waverly, Kentucky. Her chapbook Women Collapse Into / Better, Brighter Artists is forthcoming with Oversound.

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