White Rabbits Doused in Crystal Hot Sauce

︎︎︎︎︎ Mike Andrelczyk

︎ June 27, 2023

mid-wolf attack googling “what to do
if wolf attacks” on phone

the rattlesnake in the sassafras at 11
foreshadows the tennis leg at 2

jet streams dismantle muscly clouds
the people are going swimming again

drinkers wave champagne flutes like torches
on moonlight-infested catamarans

during the final lap of a grand prix the formula
1 racer stops off for pistachio ice cream

the 100th time I saw the blue dog above
the drawbridge I burst out laughing

I had big plans for this poem but they fizzled
out like an orchid in a frostquake

Mike Andrelczyk is the author of four collections of poetry including “!!!” (Ghost City Press, 2023). He lives in Pennsylvania.

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