︎︎︎ Brilant Pireva

︎ MAR 21, 2022

I used to be different.

I used to have ten thousand arms,
I used to have ten thousand legs,
The iron in my blood used to be gold,
My five thousand hearts did not pump rust.

I used to have a higher,
More noble,
Different kind
Of lust.

I used to have sixty thousand eyes,
I used to have five thousand tongues,
I used to be able to see and then pluck
The strings
With which all things are strung.

I used to be able
To whistle
All at once
Every song that had ever been sung.

The memories are gone now,
I cannot remember
Where I'm from.

I used to be different,
I used to dwarf even the most
Massive of suns.

I used to float out there,
I used to be something else,
I used to drink from the spring
From which
Light itself wells.

I used to know spells,
I could spawn what I wanted since
I knew the tricks and
Like this
I tolled the bells,
I kept the smooth running
Of the heavens
And hells.

Brilant Pireva
is a multi-disciplinary artist from Prishtina, Kosovo. He works with poetry, video, music, and digital painting. His work explores mythology, religion, and failure.