︎︎︎ Michael Borth
︎ SEPT 7, 2021

Childhood siege in the petal wave.
Image of crucifixion and the smell of pews.
A father scolds his chubby daughter
in the morning shadow of the domed church.
It passes to the next pass.
Arguing about uptown and downtown cabs
or sleeping under high ceilings in Peru.
ASMR in the approach of eleven
and the drift of black totals, the flames
and the jagged edits of lyric videos.

Mummification is on the rise.
The southeast corner of every intersection
is fixed by the char mountain of self-immolation.
We have decided to burn through the pain.
We have decided to pet our cats to death.
Grandma is in a ski mask
and uncles have been tossed off the bridge.
Styles of new managerial behavior.
Dedicated men welding the future towers.

Michael Borth
is a writer and musician from the Hudson Valley. His work has appeared in Fence, Carrier Pigeon, New World Writing, Expat Press, and The Write Launch.