The Metacom Tower

︎︎︎ Michael Borth

︎ Apr 2, 2023

A jade tusk in the public pool
the brio of the apostolic age
and the digital ghost of Metacom
boils the virgin of the conquest
in a copper vat of granulated ivory
to appease the visa of the programmer.

The hungry sachems wander a livery
of torched continental racing cars
to drop mimeographed pamphlet
to the uninsured steel and ash collector
as the deerskin map fails to download
in the magnetic anomaly of latitude.

A foraging of the blood and amber
or the recording of the slave song
in harsh blades of the sweet perennial
the sun like a dial of blue gunpowder
and the haunting is a gentle cellophane
colored egregious in the ultimate food desert.

Or the dream catcher on the antenna
like a wheelbarrow filled with turquoise
proximal to the hall of exotic bone
but the glass eyes have been fashioned
by the quiet legion of the undocumented
as they too must whine about the bandwidth.

For never the shine of the oyster and pelt
or the oxidized lock of the laser-tag musket
for the people of the blue deer and agave
or the running black heart in the awarded film.
In the stolid pasture of the technical hoof
broken unto parhelion becometh haloed chief.

The romanization of the Sanskrit operatic
or the player piano scroll of prophetic addenda
in the vast plentitude of stolen granitic axheads
or the bullet smelted to the figurine of Colossus
in the season of the lack of the geisha mask
or the graphic of the manual of ancient poultice.

Like a dandelion print on the extra-large condom
or the highland coffee cut with pure modafinil to
be swallowed in a baja resort for conscripts
dissolving carved rule at the bending of the nodes.
The local basilica is a Hapsburg jaw pointed
to the Iroquois diamonds on Bannerman’s Island.

At last the constellation of fire in the signal of smoke
or the nylon kudzu from the bankrupt chain
like the e-mail from the man of Libyan oil tools
and his coolhanded theorem of neurotic pistol
from the nyssa sylvatica of the common cave symbols
or the obtuse requiem of the insolvent drachma.

The scent exhibitor of the scabland in utero
curves the orbital model of the electron scientist
eating desiccated amphibian at the Glass Lake.
Sic parvis magna a germ cell cancer from the agon
in the spectral sequence of knives in bathwater
or the monstrance of engrafted beaver and caribou.

The irritative voiding system of wampum numismatics
is the picture theory of misguided horizontina.
The guitarrón terminator on the juliet balcony
is the last kingdom of the mima mound hypermarket.
A gangland slaying the antiphony of five nations
is the computational fluid of the turpentine farm.

And there comes a doom fractal from the source novel
and a zodiacal tablet from the brahmin diary
or the nasty exhibition of drive-in speakers.
A curative grass on the ruins, a helicine artery
and the deep vein of Code Noir speak in context
the residual glow of the forgotten bobsled track.

It shock values the virtual secret of the island column.
A fahrenheit library in the corpora cavernosa
and to whatever degree Haus Wittgenstein
became a thematic sheep barn with novelty prosciutto
and dessert farina in the grievance of the errorlight
or the bathos of Moloch and the immortal megabat.

Meanwhile, the ratio of burning longhouse times
the remainder of infantilized cathedral divided
by the Taj Mahal of genocides in Tora Bora
does not equal the body count of humanized mice
found in midline structure of the banana republic
lassoed by imitation deputies on mechanical bulls.

To vibrate a wire fence for the resurrected appaloosa
in the citadel of mute talkie and instrumental metal
which becomes a darkened madrigal in the sick bay
or the documentary about the almanac of logos
in the baroque contusion under the arc of satellites
for the ruffled collar of dealership innuendo coupon.

Gracias rewritten into the CBD shopbook.
A day of long black returning to the bridge.
The ground has penetrated the radar to yield
a promiscuous mountain of competing bardo.
Like a dawn herd crossing the river of the plains
to make a cribriform pattern of the solar duct.

For the drafted kicks the cabbage like a vagina
and screams Geronimo in the fractured obra
as railcars tremble a seclusion of waterline homes
ready for mass container to Tropical Tragedy
a fully automated island on the approximate x
of Atlantis in the hatchery of engineered whale.

As if life were an unimpeachable contract
conjured through banklamp oracle and law guy.
Or death the oldest zero card on the scoreboard.
As if the printed explanation and equation
collapsed the world instead of birthing a new one
in the iridescence of highway grit and creekbed.

The golden mirrors in the handful of sand
reflect the Indian trail to the pornography site
and the abandoned salesian where the oxen tome
marks the faded transits of your pre-natal astrology
and the respective auras of ancestral carnage
like a sallow comic tenement in floral apocalypse.

Michael Borth is a writer from The Hudson Valley. His work has recently appeared in Ballast Journal, South Broadway Ghost Society, Apocalypse Confidential, Prelude, TRNSFR, and ergot. He is the author of a novel and a small book of poems.

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