Puzzle Pieces with Rough Edges

︎︎︎ Clay Hunt

︎ MAY 27, 2022

Voices spoke after a long hush.

“If the puzzle piece doesn’t fit, get a new puzzle,”
a low voice said.

“I am afraid the edges are gone. Can’t seem to shove them in anymore,” a
melancholy voice said.

“Throw all the pieces onto the ground,” the low voice said,
“If you can’t picture the puzzle the way it is intended to be,
get a new puzzle.

“But I love this puzzle.”

The low voice spoke in a whisper:

“Those words will echo and ache
when new puzzles enrich your brain.
Effort and care rule over stress and despair.
You can always come back to the puzzle
you love,
but your heart will never know honesty
if you can’t see your reflection
from a framed puzzle.”

Clay Hunt
is the author of three chapbooks, the most recent being Sewn-on Patch with Between Shadows Press. He has been published in many journals and magazines, including Paper and Ink Literary Zine, The Raw Art Review, and others. He currently lives in San Francisco with his wife, Laura.

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