Here we are on the cusp

︎︎︎ Sua Yoo

︎ JULY 21, 2022

Here we are on the cusp:

She’s been more than
happy as of late
to introduce me to her
fraternity of butchers

Each palms a steel hook
in one hand and a raw
haunch in the other

We walk ankles crossed
in a pack
Trailed by singsong

She and I:
We are now stretched over
a newborn scaffold erected from
shy touches and moments of
Cross bars bear hex bolts
of balled up cobwebs
Critical joints are welded together
with wet baby powder kneaded
into lactate clunch

Enclaved, I mouth the words:
I —
you —
we —

Thus, the masseter is
stricken with fantasy
Our eyes wet with emeralds
I must be a lapidary
in her world

In recollection: Why,
Were they clerks,
not butchers,
after all?

Sua Yoo
is an aspiring actor, pianist, and MMA fighter. Sua most recently co-established PURPOSE REPAIR SHOP LLC, where collective dreams are repaired and/or produced.

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