Love is long overdue

 ︎︎︎ Sua Yoo

︎ APR 28, 2022

Love is long overdue
If you count the time it took to know her, too.
Held too close, an angel will let tumble
Its ersatz jewels held under a smock spun from

To unknot himself was to appear bandy-legged
Wrapped around the waist of a man he pegged
As a bodhisattva; but more likely a straw-bale.
        Pain dovetails a broad veil

        Upon his face.   In wedding, tamped; wet
Shoe hugged by a gutter eddy pamphlet
Printed on it, outstretched: a veiled Jesus
“Suffering will end.”            Well, as he pleases.

Sua Yoo is an aspiring actor, pianist, and MMA fighter. Sua most recently co-established PURPOSE REPAIR SHOP LLC, where collective dreams are repaired and/or produced.