Hast du Feuer?

︎︎︎︎︎ Clár Tillekens
︎ Aug 28, 2023

A good rite of passage in Berlin is being asked “Hast du Feuer?” on Admiralbrücke. Ideally by a looker with a gleam in their eye. Yes of course you have fire. You hand over a lighter from your mini bum bag. He lights up with the heat you gave him. Calms with the flame you lent. Thanks you in a foreign accent. Maybe he’ll invite you to The Club™ or he’ll walk away down the canal and leave you tormented wondering what would’ve happened if you exchanged numbers.

Clár Tillekens is a visual artist and writer. Her domains include heritage, place attachment, mysticism, and UX. She’s from New York and rural Ireland, and based in London. You can find her work in a few places, including the British Journal of Photography, Ain’t Bad, The Drunken Canal, and Hot Potato. 

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