︎︎︎ Clár Tillekens

︎ Nov 15, 2022

Some of you should be healed by holy well water and it shows

What you need:
  • A sacred spring – within it a tree tied with rags
  • A piece of cloth – natural fiber and enough to knot around a branch
  • Prayers – good ones to secure your request

Steps to get cured:
  1. Dip your fabric into the blessed water
  2. Wash the part of your body that is the source of your sickness
  3. Humbly say your prayers
  4. Tie the cloth to the tree 

Go on your way and be patient
As the cloth disintegrates, so does your ailment

Clár Tillekens is a visual artist and writer. Her domains include heritage, place attachment, mysticism, and UX. She’s from New York and rural Ireland, and based in London. You can find her work in a few places, including the British Journal of Photography, Ain’t Bad, The Drunken Canal, and Hot Potato. @clarmc