Gas Station Dick Pills

︎︎︎︎︎ Michael Todd
︎Sept 28, 2023

have you ever been

swollen and smiling

wisdom tooth pulled
or maybe
a fist barely not dodged

but softly landed

swollen of cock maybe

hollering and hard
like the pup yelping
where’s my paw and
why’s it stepped on

smiling of forever


engorged as fuck for your calves
but I watched you tripped up

maybe you don’t deserve it but
if it ain’t you
then who the fuck is it

swollen with new weight
smiling with new confidence

a handful being offered
what’s it gonna be?
let’s make a damned deal
an earthquake or a lazy river

a handshake made awkward

severance of toe potentially
forever off balance but
if somebody was skipping
we’d probably get there faster

you were always a stool in support
but never a crutch

swollen I still am
bricks laid with confidence
I can’t not

the unclenching is one thing
but every other note in me is

by the notes let loose by you.

swollen is my learning heart
and smiling I am exiting the bus

“Thank you driver”

there was always a pause there
that I wish had been me

swollen is the moon tonight
smiling as you slept

upturned but still cutty


and fully spent
just as we talked about
years ago




Michael Todd is an Oakland resident/East Bay native, annoying person, and unrelenting optimist.

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