︎︎︎ Adrienne Herr
︎ MAR 1, 2022

To work for work clothes

Stay clean the bed the capture

That directs us towards what?

In this bed of work we fight to survive the language of the futures that exist as a print or as a fallen plural

Safe here in this tension of our hand off screen having to hold that which receives us

Adrienne Herr
is an artist and cross-genre writer, currently working with sound and installation. Recent exhibitions include The flight of the clay pigeon thrown into the air where we shoot (2020) at EXILE, Vienna, and MUSEUM ISLAND (2019) at Shore Gallery, Vienna. Her writing has been published in German translation by Edit Literaturzeitschrift (2021), and a sound album is forthcoming from Primordial Void based in Athens, Georgia. Recent collaborations with Martin Kohout, Sanna Helena Berger, and Zoe Darsee. adriennes.site

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