To claim

︎︎︎ Adrienne Herr
︎ JAN 18, 2022

have drift space. Were that together another touch, audience or the mis-
placed further¹   We home, you they our Safely here. The one
generation.   As enter kitchen cannot scream
what room There is to leave²   We audience to house centuries, the what enters³ and remembers
The one misplace further alone because to been that they leave the what cannot claim
Safely father's kitchen paintings enter
Gravity already I⁴ scream mine out of centuries. As touch is of predicted for father’s
paintings two   to drift long predicted Today touch without the other Two⁵
will be there together on edge    to yet touch rope are one the On

¹ from already
² and claim her paintings.
³ room exits.
⁴ an audience
⁵ We have audience.

Adrienne Herr
is an artist and cross-genre writer, currently working with sound and installation. Recent exhibitions include The flight of the clay pigeon thrown into the air where we shoot (2020) at EXILE, Vienna, and MUSEUM ISLAND (2019) at Shore Gallery, Vienna. Her writing has been published in German translation by Edit Literaturzeitschrift (2021), and a sound album is forthcoming from Primordial Void based in Athens, Georgia. Recent collaborations with Martin Kohout, Sanna Helena Berger, and Zoe Darsee.