who loves the sun

︎︎︎ Evan Laffer

︎ May 1, 2023

the world is full of poets
who love the moon

and look up at the night sky

loud enough for the sun to hear
like neighbors through a thin wall

the sun knows ours is not
that kind of relationship

no one has the heart to explain
that even the poems about “the stars”
are not written for it

the poets and their moon

devouring her daily changes, her mystique
her calendar

while the sun goes on shrieking

I love you I love you I love you

it’s so painful to watch
we can only bear to look when it dies

and is replaced
with the kind of light we can see

Evan Laffer is a podcaster and poet not necessarily in that order. He has lived in New York and Los Angeles and likes both. IG: @elaffer

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