when the sky fell in (permission to break the lease)

︎︎︎︎︎ Violet
︎ Sept 27, 2023

come 8am,
come morning,
maybe earlier,
there’s banging
you jump up, it’s manly
i’m indecent, most plainly,
out of comfort, not seduction
not the only thing breaking

fireman says:
you’re leaking
sounds that,
sound just like
i see miracles,
sky’s open,
leases breaking.

been a long time,
too long now
starts to feel weird
you’re achy
but i’m gone now

give me my money,
it’s time now,
it’s breaking.
been too long now,
release me. 

text my boss now
i’ll be late now
head back now
to the sky now
you shake your fist
my shoulders arched wide now
sky’s open,
leases breaking.

Violet is a multidisciplinary artist, musician, performer, writer, and healer based in Queens.

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