tender roots

︎︎︎ Maija Ekey

︎ AUG 6, 2022

   BRAID &              drive together
                                  no nothing

                  peak & pull 000 same direction extended loop
                               hit of the hologram    liteleak    transparency

                              3vrsns aligning to remind me what it was like to fall asleep & wake up in
                              different homes    other homes    my own &   pit stops along the way with
                              crisp sheets & tight bodies    got somewhere  got it good   keep reminding
                              me    keep   finding the invitation   at a different post office in a new town

            remembered the myth & thought it better to sleep & breath

      difference thru repeated actions
      root the knowing
honeysuckle   &    daffodil
      known solidification
      in expansion

      e n chanted
      release any explanation
      or make it juicy comedy

Maija Elizabeth Ekey
is a writer and artist living in Pāhoa, Hawai’i. Maija holds a BFA in Printmaking from the Rhode Island School of Design and a Master of Science in Teaching from Pace University. She’s published work with Women.Weed.WiFi, Perennial Press, DOLLFEEDER, Recenter Press, Girls Get Busy, Arteidolia Press, and Bluestockings Magazine. Her visual work has been exhibited globally.

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