morning clarity

︎︎︎ Talina Meinheit
︎ DEC 27, 2021

dreamt I was pregnant
with stretch marks
expanding into
open wounds
             ( )
           ((  ))
         (((   )))
I was too small for you,
rushing with the calendula oil.

the mustachioed man
seated next to me
in the velvet theatre
intentionally spilled
his red soda on me
to soak my attention,
I awoke. every he
gone from me. braids
to low bun. cold water
splash. hot water
lemon, honey, salt.
a walk in the sun
surrounded by storm clouds

(wish I could share it with you,
but you deny my love, my love)

Talina Meinheit
grew up on a farm in Lyon County, Iowa. She currently lives and writes in Minneapolis.