i am already tired

︎︎︎ Vanessa Kowalski

︎ MAY 19, 2022

from thinking about you
years into the future
neither of us are invited to
but if i thought you would answer
by pigeon or by post
i’d ask you to meet me under the shade
of our first embrace
where we were thrust
and where we were hurdled
and i’d write a short story if
i were creative enough
newspaper ads
crossed telephone wires
and a magic 8 ball
how are we sitting in the same room
without a story being told?
i know:
a crush is just a lack of information
i see my friends on the dance floor
for long enough to forget
that life is a big project
i’m just doing sketches
leave a message at the tone

Vanessa Kowalski is a Polish-American independent curator, writer, editor, and artist. She received a BFA in Photography from the School of Visual Arts in New York City, and an MA in Curating, Mediating, and Managing Art from Aalto University in Helsinki, Finland. Her artworks and writing have been featured in books and publications such as Clog x Artificial Intelligence, Take Shape Mag, Precog Mag, Speed of Resin, and more. She currently lives and works in California where she loves making a mess and cleaning it up.