︎︎︎︎︎ Jasminne Morataya
︎Nov 2, 2023

gremlins 3–lo-fi but dead serious.
ontological state of gremlinization is generally about
inconsolability wrt. transition
in this case from mammal to reptile,
soft to hard.

abrupt, violent liquid adolescence
just because you got a little wet, once,
in a boy’s room.

and now it’s not really your fault that you’re evil
but you are…stone cold, straight up.

being a pillar in a world with no stylites gizmo as imago figure
or a consumptive hermaphroditic
mother of the world.

somehow i figure out ‘cinema’ without having to do
any work or think or try
somehow i have to fabricate 1000 puppets…
but we all need a project to work on, before we die.

Jasminne Morataya (@94diskont) is based in Los Angeles.