ghost play

︎︎︎ Chris Rypkema

︎ Dec 1, 2022

moon and two operas
run down summer
on the doorstep
new arrival of stairs
where your body lay
holding vapors
changing voice
my book cover was hacked
made in a hurry
stolen lines
wrap your finger
swallow the gift
door unlocks
left the water running
midnight drives
occasional swerve
lung of the world
peering over the railing
enter the water by the bank
across the street
a different day
clouds reflected
in the windows
are more vulnerable
roaming yelling
you’re engaged
shot list chose you
like acid
i don’t have an image for you
surprised every time we meet
two hours or so
thinking about your voice
something material
never knew you had a rolex
no matter what time you arrive
you always have to wait

Chris Rypkema lives and works in New York City.