creator: rhea

︎︎︎︎︎ Kristyn Garza

︎ July 31, 2023

                velvet pill red
                            bullet hemp rope
                                                no honey smudge
                                                rub burn blurred
                                        kiss soiled beneath
                            blotch of shapeless
                shaft sticky kaleidoscope
                            shiv kettled kerosine
                                        shards of pink plastic
                                                    spit mixed
                                                     blood split lips
                                         golden bonds
                            fervent suffocation
                shaking leg quivering

Kristyn Garza is a chicana from the U.S./Mexico border. She earned her MFA in Poetry from the University of Notre Dame in the Spring of 2023. She was longlisted for Palette Poetry's 2022 Sappho Prize and her work has been published in The McNeese Review, The Spectre Review, New Note Poetry, and as a finalist for RHINO Poetry's Founders Prize 2022. She can be found on Instagram @kristyngarza1922 and on Twitter @abigath_kristyn.