can leather boots sense a broken spirit?

︎︎︎︎︎ Chris Anderson

︎ June 13, 2023

glittering nature moments dull to a shrunken head
            becomes periphery woven web-like
                                                doll to a shrunken head
                leave gaps bleating       left     right
                                                                                soldiering a badge of honey

my relations is leather urging through thick
heel fold splint to skin connections
    without joining

at 11,000 feet and grief the sun is an ancestral thing

dead of noon is a ghost of reality          more real
exposing nature                                        guilty is true nature only
                                there is    and   "Go"

West alpine lakes      granite aura aroma      purgament to taste

orange fluffy tail
                    what was it?

what peeled my laughter as     skin of my teeth
slapped against this rock like goldfish

    to bounce blindly on pleasant people
through this share trail
        that most seem nice

leather is alive as disdain hoofing-it

                    alkali eat me softly

outliving the living hide
there's nothing for hurting     only hurting
(eye-gritting this path into a handle
                                                                        slope down)

Chris Anderson is interested in working with nature and chance methods in most things. He lives and works in La Honda, California.