begin again

︎︎︎ Chaeli Kennedy

︎ Feb 20, 2024

walk largest here
circle leisure most alive
wear necklaces of hot gather
stretching bold as
rain undresses winter

survive and study
colors cold (emerging)—
pay friend a morning,
directions help
but faster days trust
freedom stepping. take
silence always moving

(surfing) keep
half-moon resolutions
still; answer only

to a worthwhile order
of faces (keep records:
mind visions) season
folding on silver text

tracing its image
in the hour that it sinks
to the center of
the smallest world

weight a marble
glass provision
iridescent toy

Chaeli Kennedy is a writer living in New York City. She is always searching for new ways to be in love—not with any one person or thing, just in general.