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︎︎︎ Grayson Del Faro
︎ JAN 19, 2022

Position Summary:

Final Eye Specialists are key players in the final step  of a translation project, assisting the Project
Managers with ongoing jobs, assessing project specs and performing a thorough, non-language
final-eye review of documents before the conclusion of the project. A Final Eye Specialist’s main
is to review a project in its final stage and approve it for release to the client. The successful
candidate is a team player who thrives in a fast-paced environment and has the ability to deliver
products with a
perfect quality while meeting different deadlines. This is a unique opportunity in
financially stable and rapidly growing international communications services company.
TransPerfect’s services include: translation, interpreting, voice-overs, subtitling, and cultural
marketing campaigns.


•    Understanding TransPerfect’s quality standards and making sure they are upheld
•    Understanding the client’s expectations and making sure they are upheld
•    A Final Eye Specialist must be familiar with the life-cycle of a normal job. They should
have a keen eye for detail, manage their time effectively, communicate information or
feedback clearly to the Production teams, and be able to
work comfortably in MS Office and
PDF formats

•    Consulting with the Project Managers to discuss the client’s expectations or specifications
•    Properly utilize all appropriate supplemental materials (refer to client style guides, reference
material, glossaries, etc.)

•    Proofreading of all documents with a strong focus on names, numbers, missing text,
punctuation/spelling, grammar, adherence to instructions, proper use of
glossaries/memory/reference materials or other
significant issues
•    Providing feedback to Project Managers or others who are involved in the project
•    File Corrective Action Forms as needed to document issues and drive improvement
•    The Final Eye Specialist might also deliver projects to the client on the client’s preferred
making sure that the delivery includes all the necessary files and follows the
client’s guidelines
•    Complete any other tasks that
are deemed appropriate for this role and assigned by the


•    Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English, other languages would be an

•    Attention to detail, ability to learn new skills quickly and exceptional problem
solving/critical thinking skills

•    Ability to maintain professionalism, focus and result-orientation under pressure and tight

•    Strong MS Office/computer skills and Adobe software products (as well as translation
memory software)
•    Minimum Bachelor’s degree or its equivalent
•    Prior copy-editing experience and experience in a translation company is desirable

this is a [                  ]

warning: this earth is warming / this is [                    ] toward a towering precipice i want to push
you off of / of course i can’t / this earth will melt and i will let it if i don’t get hired soon / i will
let it if you do / frozen peas on a black eye / drops on the path of a morning tear / eye to ear / to
hear this [       ] sound an alarm / to hear the phone ringing in the next cubicle / the jackhammer in
the parking lot scarring somebody’s mother / her day, her earth, her sweet baby boy / all grown
up / all employed / [           ] on paper / on another planet of thin ice / [       ] is [            ] this earth
sad / [                           ] as perfection / prime of life / primordial life such a distant [                   ]
coming together / ancestry speaking / apocalyptically nearing a scorching point / it’s too late now
to get to work on time

but i made it

•    [                         ] nothing / knowing nothing / not knowing about spreadsheets or
•    even the moon / managing [                      ] is a synonym for surviving or
•    even being survived / [         ] we keep trying to fix the wrong machine / whether odd or
even the numbers fall into their cells, pushed / cells like prisons like organisms
multiplying / how many are we / are we worth more than forty hours [         ] per week /
forty-five years of life / are we
•    [                  ] the days on these calendars / are we managing [                      ] /
are we enough
•    to count down to payday / to doomsday / to its night / how many breaks left untaken /
how many breaks unfixed / how
•    many broken people / how many boxes unticked / talk to me [              ] don’t lie: i was
the fun one in the office / young by decades / they yanked the mundane
•    from monday morning by asking about my [                              ]
•    [               ] wakeful weekends / i would lie / it was no place for puke, porn festivals, point
•    eight grams of [           ] consequential / events in sequence [      ] a sob story: he invited
•    me to an island for our birthdays then said we should sleep in separate beds / some days
i was [                     ] this crushed me / at work i cried hard into xcel / refilling the ice tray
/ “Are you sick?”
•    a coworker asked / sadnesses [                                     ] only for free time / it was no place
for feeling time

any desire futile

•    [              ] work, they never said / they meant it / cupcakes in the breakroom / yellow
•    the only sun you’ll see today / sky gold in firesmoke / an [                 ] expense
spent dearly: pay yearly more
•    attention to our slow-falling aspen leaves [       ] push overlords under [                 ] alive /
leave time
•    left to dine / we must stop asking / start taking back time / make [ ] new currency of life /
stop the exchange:
•    [               ] wages not worth [   ] even willing
•    to feel the flood the office will not outlast / at last we agree on one death [              ]

Grayson Del Faro is a Puerto Rican-American poet and writer based in Barcelona. His work has appeared in The Evergreen Review, Ragazine, and Ellipsis, among others. He’s the author of The Sagas and Shit: Icelandic Literature Crudely Abridged (Forlagið 2019) and editor of Mutilations on a Theme: Best Innovative College Writing (Jaded Ibis Press 2015). These poems are from a series called O p e n i n g s : Poems for the Unemployed—each is comprised of an erasure of a job advertisement (to which he’s unfortunately applied) as well as its corresponding "application." @graykjavik