With Life

︎︎︎ Uche Nduka
︎ SEPT 30, 2021

So twisted
but resting is not
                            always the key

chocolate bunnies, predawn

grapes that all
                        would gravitate towards

on a parachute
                            over arboreal temples

bamboo fragrance
                                  your tresses
                                                      your lips

deep ink in the sky
                                of who I cook for

have you fallen
                                in love
                                              with life yet

the rhinestone becomes
a mission

having a wonderful time
with the starter button

Uche Nduka
—poet and essayist—is the author of twelve volumes of poems, including LIVING IN PUBLIC (2018) and FACING YOU (2020). His writing has been translated into German, Italian, Finnish, Arabic, Romanian, and Dutch. He presently teaches at CUNY and lives in New York City.

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