White Roses

 ︎︎︎ Jordan Scott

︎ APR 27, 2022

You bought me my favorite flowers whenever we fought.

White roses to say sorry.

I’m sorry I punched the wall.

I’m sorry I cracked the glass on your grandma’s picture.

I’m sorry I kept you up ‘til dawn because I was drunk.

I’m sorry I broke that lamp.

I’m sorry I fucked her.

I’m sorry it was ten beers, not two.

I’m sorry I didn’t come home last night.

So many sorrys, I could drown in their rotting petals.

You said sorry so many times with white roses that I can no longer love them. They smell like broken promises, they smell like stale beer, they smell like lovely words with no action.

Now I buy sunflowers for myself. And when they light up my room and their scent drifts through the warm light of my living room they smell like possibility, like self-worth, like new beginnings.

Jordan Scott is a writer local to Santa Cruz. She predominantly creates technical content but enjoys creative writing in her spare time. She lives happily by the beach with her partner Nathan and cat Altïer.