︎︎︎ Erin Satterthwaite

︎ Feb 28, 2023

When I was seven I had these little ugly warts on my knees
No one wanted to play with me at recess
No one wanted to sit next to me on the bright-colored carpet
I say smearing CVS lipstick on my mouth

So, when I got home I took a butter knife and cut each one open
Smiling ear to ear while the blood dripped down my ankles
The look of my mother’s horrified face
The next week I played with the girls who wore white sneakers and ribbons in their hair
I apply mascara as my pouty lips part

So to me, I am a god
I lived as nothing
But I transformed

I molded myself from the earth’s clay and water
And breathed myself into life
I fluff my chemical-blonde hair

Anyways, let's get some pics tonight.
Ew, no, fucking delete that one.

Erin Satterthwaite is a writer based in Los Angeles. She has authored a zine of short stories called “The Next Great American Fanfiction.” Her work can be found in Dream Boy Book Club and elsewhere around the world wide web.