Vodka & Passion Fruit

︎︎︎︎︎ Cirrus
︎ Aug 22, 2023

On the train I am accompanied by you and the chatter of strangers, loud and clashing
like the metal rails scraping against each other
like us, scraping against each other
The taste of vodka and passion fruit lingers on my tongue, intermingles with spearmint as i chew
like the strangers, intermingling as they chew each other apart
small talk,
life or death?
i often wonder where we’re going
somehow you always know
drinks with my lover’s mother,
i guess that means i’m grown now
i often wonder,
where did the time go

we switch trains

Cirrus is a multidisciplinary artist who views art as boundless. Navigating her human conditions through expression (art) is the only way she’s ever known.