︎︎︎ Sasha Cyril

︎ Nov 5, 2022

I noticed the stone
in your throat
Vibrations with the names of three grandfathers
A swallowed rock

For all this crying out loud that you like to do, you pay a price
like coasting babies in deathly valleys just trying, on this Tuesday morning,
to stick a fork in and twist
Screaming more loudly than before the pills and raspberry ripple wine
you were shepherded into a green valley
A bounteous one
where you really are quite good at what you do
You’re really good at it

Once one time this night I looked at you and you combusted into feathers
I thought I’d never stop laughing at this mess and part:
Party of parts and body unleashed
the pills and the wine that had made it so that even your lower eyeball got chilly outdoors
you had big eyes
and were completely awake when the stranger put his fingers down your throat
in a cubicle and in a time
you really were quite fine

Sasha Cyril is a conjurer and writer based in Copenhagen with bylines in TPR, Playboy, Pariah Press, Dirt Children, and Vanity Fair.