︎︎︎ Dot McCrosky

︎ Apr 29, 2023

It was as though he’d been waiting his entire life for someone to say, slowly, “You are not of purpose here. Please! Sit down and eat angel hair noodles in a pink sauce. Have the glass of wine for a year until you get it. Then, once you understand wine and espresso martinis and bitter cheeses and bitterer preserves with orange peel, again drink the Miller Highlife with a new tongue, and the social affair will be better for it. Kiss your doctor on the mouth and your nurse on the cheek. Give the receptionist a York Peppermint Patty when you leave from your last appointment.

Kill a chicken. Sing to a dying beetle on the sidewalk. Reek of feces on the commuter rail. You’ve done enough.”

Dot McCrosky is a poet, blues singer, and performance artist from Middlesex County, Massachusetts. She works and resides in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and expects to die there. She enjoys recreational lying. @long.toddler