︎︎︎︎︎ Annabel Evitts
︎Nov 4, 2023

I’m as heavy as a stone or a feather
No clues
An imprecise orientation
A selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor
Kiss the blue birds around my head
Tender little raptors, propelling themselves now into spring, into marigolds.
The fallen ones are cloaked by our coats
The tourmaline slab of our seasons
Our Pills and perfume and perversion and knives that come out in all kinds of weather. I tell you,
run far away from the river Ouse,
The broken bridges
Times yourself by one thousand
Little thread of the nurse’s dress
And the plum hues of my liver whisper
Flood me
Flood me
You blood lipstick queen
I can’t wait for the ice to melt
For the river to freeze over
I can’t wait

Annabel Evitts is a writer and poet living on Kaurna Land. She holds a PhD in Creative Writing from the University of Adelaide.

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