Too good for my own good

︎︎︎︎︎ Katja Grober
︎Nov 13, 2023

What if you think you are more aware than others and that is the result of you not being aware at
If I let go of your hand where would you slip away to would you slip slowly
temple court
west light
houston and orchard
bedford stuy mural the patriot
would you spend your weekend like mine
at primos getting lucky
would you let those girls eyes follow you home
follow you to babeland
how many times did you take the holland tunnel before you knew it was called the holland tunnel
knew what it meant knew what it was
I think you’re looking for someone like me
I think I need a pool pic on my instagram
I'm at the pool by baldwins shouting "If I hadn’t come here I may not have seen you all tonight I
            may not have seen you ever! beauty! grace! hallelujah !!!!"
I skip the line because everyone asks me to
I skip out of the woods and into your line of attention like I just landed a gymnastics god damn
            perfect spot off the balance beam into your arms

Katja Grober is just like you, she is made of water. She lives in Los Angeles. @meanttotext