︎︎︎ M. Elizabeth Scott

︎ APR 13, 2022

Not to slam the tight of dusk
the old flâneur, flamboyant
a breath of red hair
below the unknowable
metal touch of the abyss

Borrow courage from fierce things
nothing bestial
but mobs of mushrooms bruising blue
like trembling seas of taut iris

Grab your dirk and go mad
there are reasons
that we scent pillows with lavender

And when the crude song
saddles you for the millionth
tell your love again
of the splinter in your mind

M. Elizabeth Scott
is a poet and esotericist based in NY, NY. She is co-founder of experimental arts collective Cixous72 and its derivative imprint 72 Press, established in 2015 to promote the innovative and eclectic works of emerging artists and writers. She is additionally one half of new creative partnership GOHAR X GRAIL, a project which explores hidden narratives of cultural exchange. Her poetry and works have been featured in The Poetry Project, BOMB Magazine, Hobart Pulp, F Magazine, and elsewhere. She is currently in her final semester of an MFA candidacy at Rutgers University in Newark, where she teaches undergraduate creative writing.